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Choosing proper care for your child is a very important decision for any parent.  Abacus Early Learning Centers wants you to know your options so that you make the most informed decision for the safety of your child.

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abacusman_sm State Licensed, oh really?

When it comes to finding a child care provider, you first need to understand the differences amongst all your choices.

Not all licenses are created equally. As a matter of fact, legal loopholes allow most providers to sidestep child care center licensing completely.

Abacus Early Learning Centers are licensed, and as such, meet or exceed the State’s highest standards for quality. Here are a few facts that put this important feature in perspective:

  • Indiana recognizes five different types of child care providers – with huge differences in what is required of each. Licensed Centers like Abacus Early Learning Centers have the highest state standards.
  • Key factors in child care quality include fewer students per teacher and smaller class sizes. Registered Ministries and Licensed Exempt Providers have no legal limit on either of these factors.
  • Registered Ministries and Licensed Exempt Providers have no state-required education or training requirements for their “teachers.”
  • Fire, safety and health standards are higher for Licensed Centers like Abacus Early Learning Centers, with state-of-the-art alarm systems, ongoing staff training and monthly safety drills for the kids.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the Indiana University study.

Compare these two regulations and see for yourself the huge difference in what is required of each.

Day Care Ministries Regulations (4 page PDF)
Licensed Centers Regulations (60 page PDF)

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